tim halperin - “the last song” (music video)

“american idol” star returns home to make his next music video

Not long after we released Tim Halperin’s first music video, “She Runs”, he went on to become a contestant on “American Idol” — check out his TV debut & AI audition — and went on to make it to the Top 12. He returned to Texas, now with a much larger audience & fan base, and approached us to direct his next music video for a new song that was getting radio play, “The Last Song”. We wanted this video to be an evolution of “She Runs” and still have that whimsy & DIY feeling, but with a slightly larger budget. We raised funds on Kickstarter, shot the music video over 2 very long days and turned around the final video not long after that.

The video premiered on Kidd Kraddick’s KiddTV and was viewed well over 100,000 times in less than 24 hours and was featured on sites including Pop Crush, Promo News, Techli and others.


Knowing this time around we needed a larger budget to make this music video, we created a Kickstarter to raise the funds. We created a quirky video, released the campaign and quickly raised the funds to get to work.