tim halperin - “She runs” (music video)

A one-take music video made for $500

Tim Halperin approached us about directing a music video for a new song he was about to release, “She Runs”, and mentioned he only had $500 — challenge accepted. We decided to lean into the fact that we had no-budget, came up with the idea of a heart-broken Tim playing his song as narration to a school play and that we would give it the look of having been created by kids (cardboard, found items, messy, slapped together)…and it would be one continuous shot.

The video was viewed nearly 100,000 times in 24 hours — amazing for a then-unknown singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, TX — and was featured on sites including Mic.com, Cinema5D, Vulture, NY Mag, No Film School, Planet5D, Dallas Observer and more.

Behind the Scenes

It took 3 days to build all of the stages and 1 day to choreograph & shoot with a cast & crew of about 40 people (in the Texas summer heat).

Watch this behind the scenes video to get a glimpse of all of the work that went into pulling this music video off.