think about your eyes - vr experience


Approximately 80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years is obtained visually, but 86% of children do not receive a comprehensive eye exam during that period. Many parents are aware of the negative effects of visual impairments, but behavior shows consumer action—actually scheduling a comprehensive eye exam—is not a priority until a problem is identified.

** Need something else in here about parents not taking action because they themselves don’t know what it’s like / don’t know what their child sees.

The Idea

Show—not tell—parents what it’s like to experience the effects of poor eye health from the perspective of a child.


We created an immersive virtual reality experience that places parents in a simulated classroom environment, asking them to do tasks their child would. We took the experience to ____.

Our integrated strategy included additional content such as a VR experience overview video for those who couldn’t experience for themselves, multiple versions for use with targeting specific audiences & additional social content. A robust social syndication plan, to increase engagement and reach, drive an increase in traffic to the Think About Your Eyes website. Influencer outreach & content, paid social content syndication, micro-content capturing the VR experience on-site and long-form content via their website.


VR activations & influencers resulted in over 900 social posts generating 12.5 million impressions

Social campaign reached 1.5 million people and resulted in 500k+ post engagements, 450k+ video views, 76k website clicks (103% increase in total sessions, 83% increase in new users, 200% increase in average time on page)